Protein Müesli


180 g

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Protein-up your breakfast! Never skip breakfast again thanks to our protein müesli Classic. You will find finest fruits, nourishing oats and best Swiss Milk inside. A real Swiss Classic – but with a hefty 15 grams of protein, much less carbs, and of course without added sugar.

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High Protein
No Added Sugar
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Ingredients and nutritional values

LACTOSE FREE: Lactose content <0.1 g/100 g
HIGH PROTEIN: 15 g Protein per cup.
NO ADDED SUGAR: No added sugar. Contains naturally occurring sugars.
LOWER CARB: 50% less carbohydrates than conventional birchermüesli.

Quark with yoghurt and muesli preparation (0.6% fat in the lactic part). With sweeteners.

Ingredients: Pasteurised skimmed MILK, pasteurised semi-skimmed MILK, 14.4% fruits (9.5% apples, 4.1% pineapple, 0.8% banana puree), 1.6% WHEAT, 1.6% OATS, lemon juice concentrate, HAZELNUTS, MILK PROTEIN, sweetener: acesulfame K, sucralose; stabilizers: guar gum; natural flavour.

Average nutrition facts
Per 100 g Per 180 g
Energy Per 100 g 307 kJ Per 180 g 553 kJ
Energy Per 100 g 73 kcal Per 180 g 132 kcal
Fat Per 100 g 1.3 g Per 180 g 2.4 g
of which saturates Per 100 g 0.4 g Per 180 g 0.8 g
Carbohydrate Per 100 g 7.6 g Per 180 g 14 g
of which sugars Per 100 g 5.1 g Per 180 g 9.1 g
Fiber Per 100 g 0.8 g Per 180 g 1.4 g
Protein Per 100 g 8.1 g Per 180 g 15 g
Salt Per 100 g 0.07 g Per 180 g 0.13 g