Protein Drinks

The nutritional benefits of milk, combined with high-quality ingredients. Practical and unbelievably delicious – for athletes, the health-conscious and those who enjoy great taste alike. All Chiefs® Milk Protein Drinks are high in protein, contain no added sugar, are low in carbohydrates and are lactose and gluten free.

Chiefs Protein Drinks

As all professional sportspeople, athletes, and gym enthusiasts know, our bodies need protein to grow and function properly.

While a healthy and balanced diet will usually provide a lot of this protein, it is not always easy to follow. This is because modern living, along with the added nutritional needs of intensive exercise, requires additional sources of protein to enjoy on the go.

And that is where our Chiefs Milk Protein Drinks come in.

The benefits of protein drinks

Athletes and gym-goers the world over rely on protein drinks to get them through their busy and demanding daily routines. They offer many benefits, including:

Convenient sip snack

Snack foods are usually marketed for their convenience with little thought given to what they contain. Instead of consuming calorie-laden beverages high in sugar, you can satisfy those cravings with a healthy pre-made milk protein drink.

It’s so easy to pop one or two of our Chiefs protein drinks in your bag for the day. Who said healthy foods can’t be convenient food, too?

High protein content

No matter your level of fitness, your body needs protein! So, does that mean you have to spend your life in the kitchen, always cooking up meals and snacks that contain protein? Absolutely not!

Our protein shakes need no preparation whatsoever. Just open one up, shake and enjoy! It’s an instant protein source with no cooking or reheating.

Meal replacement

Contrary to trending ideas, it‘s not healthy to skip meals. If you do, you won’t have the energy needed to meet the demands of your day.

A healthier choice is to replace your usual fatty or carb-laden meals with a protein shake. You’ll get the protein your body needs for lean muscle gain while shedding excess pounds. Even though the Chiefs protein milk drinks are not a meal replacement as such, they are a great addition to a balanced, healthy diet the perfect choice for that little craving.

Liquid energy

It’s so tempting to reach for a snack when you hit that midday energy slump. But when you’ve been working out, you may have something different in mind. We get it! Sometimes you just need a refreshing and tasty drink.

The problem with those “energy drinks” you see in the store is that many of them are nothing more than sugary drinks fortified with vitamins. You need protein for muscle development and pure energy during a gym session. If you’re serious about giving your body what it needs, you need Chief’s protein drinks!

Alternative to other shakes

If you’re thinking of just grabbing a milkshake, think again. That milkshake will be higher in protein than a fizzy drink, that’s for sure. But it may be high in other, unwanted things too. Like excess sugar and fats.

Our protein shakes are a healthy alternative to those milkshakes. They contain extra concentrated milk protein, yet they have less fat and no added sugars! Why have a generic milkshake when you can nourish your body with a Chiefs protein shake?

What about my need for flavour?

We all want to be healthy, and in shape. But we want flavour too, right? You can have both!

Chiefs’ pre-made protein drinks are formulated to give you a boost of protein-fuelled energy as well as flavour.

Just check out these six amazing flavours, guaranteed to get your taste buds going:

What are the ingredients of a pre-made protein shake?

A pre-made protein shake will usually be milk-based. This is the most common source of liquid protein that is readily available. Other ingredients may include flavours and sweeteners.

A pre-made protein shake is not the same as a milkshake, though. That is merely a sweetened milk drink, usually high in sugar.

Our Chiefs’ ready-to-carry protein drinks contain no harmful additives or added sugars. They also contain concentrated milk protein, to give you all the protein power you need in one easy-to-drink portion.

They contain neither gluten nor other unnecessary fillers like sugar. And some good news for lactose-sensitive people, our Chiefs’ pre-made protein drinks are also lactose-free.

The best time to enjoy Chiefs protein shakes

Any time is the best time to enjoy Chiefs protein shakes! They are perfect for any lifestyle and fitness regimen as well as for those looking for a delicious shake without unnecessary carbohydrates and sugar. As a quick breakfast on the go when you’re rushing to a meeting, a midday snack at college, or a refreshing dose of energy after your gym session.

Because they need no preparation, you just reach for one and get on with your day. They are the perfect complement to our innovative range of protein bars, foods and snacks. Cool it, shake it, love it!

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Frequently asked questions about protein drinks

Some are and some aren’t. You have to check the ingredients labels.


Unless they contain dairy derivatives, soy-based pre-made protein drinks are vegan. However, many protein drinks are dairy milk-based, as milk is an excellent source of protein and more efficient than plant-based protein.

When you make your protein drink, you have more control over what is going into it. But it takes time that not everyone has. That is why, in addition to our whey protein powders, we offer pre-made, healthy protein drinks, for the ultimate convenience. Most protein powders are also whey-based, but Chiefs uses only the highest quality milk proteins in its ready-to-use protein drinks.

There is no hard and fast rule about how many protein drinks you can drink in a day. Many people drink two or three a day, as a meal replacement, snack, or for extra nourishment. As part of a healthy, balanced diet, this is perfectly fine.


As a rule of thumb, an average adult needs about 0.8-1 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight per day. Depending on the amount of exercise, the protein requirement can be much higher than this recommendation.


In a perfect world, we’d all be making nutritious meals and drinks in the kitchen to package and transport to school, work and the gym. But we live in the real world, and sometimes, that’s just not possible.


You don’t have to sacrifice your need for nutrition, though. Just get yourself some Chiefs protein shakes today. Your body will thank you!