Whey Protein

Our whey protein powders are made from biologically high-value whey protein isolate and concentrate, have a high BCAA content and are enriched with vitamins and minerals.

Chiefs whey protein powder

Protein drinks are a convenient and tasty way to get your daily dose of protein. But with pre-made drinks, you don’t get to customise your shake to your liking. That’s where whey protein powder comes in.

Chief’s pure whey protein powder makes it even easier to make your own healthy protein shakes at home.

What is whey protein?

Whey protein is a term you may have seen before, without knowing what it actually is. Whey is a liquid that separates from dairy milk during the cheese-making process.

Whey protein is the protein component of that byproduct and is available in a variety of powdered forms.

Types of whey protein


The most affordable and readily available type of whey protein is concentrate. It is the liquid component leftover from cheese curds in the cheese-making process. The liquid is dried and there you have it – powdered whey protein concentrate.

It is mostly protein, with a very low carb content. This is a common form of whey protein in the manufacturing of healthy food like protein drinks and protein bars.


Whey protein isolate is an ultra-refined and high-quality source of whey protein. It is produced by further refining the whey concentrate, which ensures a nutrient-dense profile with over 90% protein per serving. This extra filtration process produces whey protein that is very pure with little to no fats, carbs, lactose, and cholesterol.


Whey protein hydrolysate is an isolate or concentrate whey protein that has been exposed to heat, enzymes, or acids to break down some of the amino bonds. This enables faster absorption and easier digestion by the body. Like whey protein isolate, it contains over 90% protein and contains little to no fat, carbs, or lactose.

What makes whey protein so special?


Part of the fun of making your own protein shakes at home is versatility. You only have to add water, milk or a plant-based milk alternative to our whey protein to make a nutritious shake.

But why stop there? Mix things up a little, and add other healthy ingredients like mashed banana, dried fruits or creamed avocado.

We are all about choice, and what you put into your protein shakes is up to you. Bear in mind, though, that by adding other ingredients, you will be adding calories, and possible fats and sugars, too. This may be the best solution if you are trying to build yourself up after a stressful period in life and need the extra calories and nutrient density. But, it is not advisable on a calorie-controlled diet.

If you’re looking for inspiration, simply check out our delicious recipes. All recipes include a step-by-step preparation guide as well as all the nutritional values.

All-round health

Whey protein is a high-quality form of protein that contains essential amino acids necessary for optimum health. And compared to other rich sources of protein, it is usually very easily digested.

Vegetarians, who are missing out on protein from meats, will benefit from whey protein powder. It is not suitable for vegans, though, as it is a dairy derivative. Other sources of protein, such as soy, would be best for vegans.

Essential for athletes and bodybuilders

To build, maintain and repair muscle, you need protein. And you need more of it than someone who isn’t working out every day. Chiefs pure whey protein powder is one of the best sources of dietary protein, and that makes it fantastic for all gym enthusiasts and athletes with their higher need for protein.

Suitable for people wanting to lose weight

It is also the protein source of choice for those on a weight loss diet. This is because whey protein is highly satiating and can help reduce the craving for unhealthy snacks. With whey protein, you’ll feel fuller for longer.

Boosts antioxidant function

You’ve probably heard about the importance of antioxidants in your diet. They reduce oxidative stress in the body and reduce the risk of chronic diseases. One of the most important antioxidants, glutathione, is produced by your body. But its production relies on a steady supply of amino acids such as cysteine.

Whey protein is a high cysteine food and therefore plays a role in our body’s resistance to chronic illness through antioxidant production.

Fits into many different diets

Our Chiefs pure whey powders contain no added sugars. So if you are on a low-sugar diet, you can savour delicious homemade protein shakes without ruining your diet.

They don’t contain gluten either, so people who are gluten sensitive can happily enjoy our whey protein powders.

Moreover, they are lactose-free. Simply mix the powder with water or a lactose-free alternative of your choice and enjoy!

Intake and dosage of Chiefs pure whey

Your dosage and intake of whey protein powder will depend on where you’re at in your exercise regime.

Are you currently in the lean muscle mass building or strength training phase? Thirty grams of protein powder two or three times a day will be the best dosage for you.

If you are using whey protein for other workout routines, or just as part of a healthy diet, half this may suffice. Take your cue from your dietary needs and your activity levels.

Whey protein for muscle building, muscle maintenance and regeneration

When you’re engaged in regular and intensive exercise, your body’s need for protein increases. Chiefs pure whey protein is one of the best ways to meet this increased protein need.

Our whey protein powders boast high BCAA content, which means they contain the branched-chain amino acids essential for muscle growth and maintenance.

Whey protein shakes will boost your body’s metabolism, turning it into a fat-burning machine during training. Taking some post-workout also helps speed up recovery, by encouraging muscle repair.

Chiefs pure whey: a delicious and nutritious protein source

Chiefs whey protein powder is the best whey protein available on the market and is essential for the health of all active people. Make your own tasty and nutritious protein shakes to enjoy at home, take to the gym, or include in your packed lunch for work or school.

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Frequently asked questions about whey proteins

Chiefs pure whey protein powder is one of the best whey protein available on the market today.


Our whey protein powders are made from high-value whey protein isolate and concentrate. This means that our products are affordable and also nutrient-dense with very high protein content.


Chiefs’ pure whey protein are also enriched with the vitamins and minerals you need for optimum health.


What’s more, Chiefs whey powders come in two awesome flavours, Cocoa and Vanilla. Now there’s no excuse not to make healthy and delicious-tasting protein shakes at home. Mix with milk or water, and enjoy a super dose of protein that’s high in flavour, in seconds!

Before and after a workout

Whey protein, like all protein sources, can be of great benefit before and after a workout. This is because it gives you the energy for a workout and helps to nourish and repair your muscles after one, too.


Enjoy a Chiefs pure whey protein shake 30-45 minutes before a training session. Alternatively, the first half hour after an intensive bout of training is an ideal time to sip your shake made with whey protein.


As an energy boost in the morning

This excellent form of protein also supplies a terrific energy boost for the day for students, busy mums, and anyone who leads an active lifestyle.


Alike some popular energy drinks on the market, shakes made with Chiefs whey protein are also fortified with vitamins and minerals.


As a meal replacement any time of day

Whey protein shakes are also ideal as healthy and filling meal replacements on a calorie-controlled diet. Therefore, you can enjoy them at any time of day when you would normally have a meal. And because whey protein makes you feel full, you’ll be better able to resist those midnight snack urges.

Some side effects have been reported when using whey protein powders. Most of these side effects relate to digestive disturbances, like excess gas, bloating, or diarrhoea. The reason for this is that some people are unable to digest whey protein.


When used responsibly, and not consumed in excess, whey protein does not affect many people in this way.


To assess your tolerance for whey protein, start off with a lesser dose, and track your progress. Chiefs’ whey protein powders are a pure and gentle product.


Side effects are not always bad, and whey protein has been found to have a very good side effect. It may help reduce inflammation. Inflammation is an unavoidable bodily reaction to damage. When chronic, it can lead to all kinds of debilitating health issues.

Whey protein is great for women! And not only women who work out. Whey protein contains a whole slew of health benefits that apply to both men and women.


So whether you’re aiming for the healthiest lifestyle, sculpting your body, or trying to shed those excess pounds, whey protein can help, ladies!