Milk Protein Drink

Choco Mountain

6 x 330 ml

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The most popular classic: Choco Mountain! A delicious and intense chocolate flavour with cocoa from sustainable sources.

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High Protein
No Added Sugar
Lower Carb
Low Fat

Ingredients and nutritional values

NO ADDED SUGAR: No added sugar. Contains naturally occurring sugars.
HIGH PROTEIN: 25 g Protein per bottle.
CONTAINS BCAAs: BCAAs (= Branched-chain amino acids) 5900 mg/330 ml. Milk contains branched-chain amino acids.
LOWER CARB: 65% less carbohydrates than a similar product.
LACTOSE FREE: Lactose-free <0.1 g/100 ml.

Lactose-free drink with milk (2.2% fat), with milk protein and sweeteners. Chocolate-flavour. UHT.

Ingredients: 45% MILK, water, 7.2% MILK PROTEIN concentrate, 1.7% low fat cocoa powder, stabiliser: cellulose gel, cellulose gum; natural flavours, salt, sweetener: sucralose, acesulfame K; lactase.

Average nutrition facts
Per 100 ml Per 330 ml
Energy Per 100 ml 239 kJ Per 330 ml 789 kJ
Energy Per 100 ml 57 kcal Per 330 ml 188 kcal
Fat Per 100 ml 1.4 g Per 330 ml 4.6 g
of which saturates Per 100 ml 0.9 g Per 330 ml 3.0 g
Carbohydrate Per 100 ml 2.7 g Per 330 ml 8.9 g
of which sugars Per 100 ml 2.5 g Per 330 ml 8.3 g
Protein Per 100 ml 8.0 g Per 330 ml 26 g
Salt Per 100 ml 0.18 g Per 330 ml 0.59 g