Limited Edition Caramel Popcorn

And the Oscar goes to…

Chiefs® Milk Protein Drink Caramel POP!CORN
our brand new Limited Edition!


Chiefs makes dreams come true… Delicious caramel popcorn is now available in liquid form as a Milk Protein Drink. The drink contains 25g of protein, has no added sugar, reduced carbohydrates, and is lactose- and gluten-free.

Try our brand new Limited Edition Milk Protein Drink: Caramel Pop!corn!

Chiefs Milk Protein Drink Caramel Popcorn Limited Edition front view with shadow


I’d say both sound nice! The new Limited Edition Milk Protein Drink Caramel POP!CORN is your perfect companion for chill Netflix evenings or for your delicious protein boost after an intense gym session. Whatever you decide, we’ve got your POP!CORN ready!

You can now find our new Limited Edition in all major Coop shops, at Coop Pronto, Avec, and Spar and from 19 September online in our webshop.

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