Vitamin Milk Drinks

The Vitamin Milk Drinks are Chiefs’ next big hit. The four flavours, Mango, Yuzu, Berry, and Honey, blend the best qualities of Vitamin Water and Protein Drinks: fruity freshness, high functionality, and being on-trend. And the best part: These new drinks bring a positively impactful effect throughout the day and in various life and everyday situations.

Chiefs Vitamin Milk Drinks

The new Chiefs Vitamin Milk Drinks intentionally differentiate themselves from the Chiefs Milk Protein Drinks by opting for a fruity flavour profile instead of creamy-sweet. The focus is less on protein content and more on the vitamins and minerals included.

These new drinks are characterized by a less sweet, more natural, and lighter taste. They avoid the use of artificial sweeteners and refined sugar, thus following the current trend of increased consumption of products without such additives.