Ovation eSports

Ovation eSports is the sustainable eSports organisation based in Zurich. Ovation eSports manages a team of young and talented athletes who are also content creators and influencers in the gaming industry across the DACH region. eSports is no longer just a trend, but a global mass phenomenon. However, sustainability in eSports is not yet a value in itself. Often, eSports players focus only on their performance, often neglecting their education, academic success and physical and mental health. Ovation has made it its mission to support its athletes in protecting their mental and physical well-being and to lay the foundation for a successful future alongside and after their eSports career.

Ovation eSports, founded in February 2020 in Zurich, is the first sustainable eSports Organization: a young, dynamic pioneer which combines professionalism and fun in one team. Ovation accompanies and develops athletes on their journey to become leading eSports players and at the same time is committed to provide their athletes with support to protect their mental and physical well-being as well as offer an environment to master a successful future after a career in eSports. Ovation eSports AG is a Swiss team with players from the DACH region and partners all over Europe.

OWN YOUR GAME: Chiefs goes eSports!

Chiefs is the official partner of Ovation eSports, the first sustainable eSports organisation in Switzerland. Find out what this is all about and why functional food is important for eSports and sports athletes right here.

Gamers are overweight, scruffy and unathletic?

Certain clichés persist. Chiefs, in cooperation with Ovation eSports, has set itself the goal of dispelling common prejudices and actively supporting athletes and eSports athletes in achieving their personal goals. After all, nutrition and fitness are just as important for the committed eSports athlete as they are for classic athletes. eSports has more similarities to “conventional” sports than one might think at first glance. Endurance, planning, preparation, analysis and teamwork – all these points are present in both classic sports as well as eSports. But the physical aspects should not be underestimated either, because physical fitness, in addition to cognitive skills, is also an absolute must for eSports players and ambitious gamers. 

Fitness center or gaming chair?

Anyone who aspires to a long and successful career as a professional eSports athlete must be in very good physical shape in order to be able to react quickly and correctly under the high pressure to perform. Many eSports athletes are aware of this. The athletes of Ovation eSports also work actively with fitness trainers and personalised training plans to continuously improve their physical performance. Many eSports athletes sit in front of the screen for several hours a day, so it is important to actively prevent health problems such as tendinitis and back pain through targeted training. However, it is not only the strengthening of the muscles that is relevant here, but also the optimisation of endurance, because this significantly reduces fatigue during competitions and long training sessions.

Poor diet = poor performance?

Poor or unbalanced nutrition and a lack of exercise are detrimental to performance. This is of enormous importance, especially in eSports competitions, as a few milliseconds often decide between victory and defeat. An unhealthy diet has a particularly negative effect on concentration and reaction speed, which can be fatal in a fast-paced competitive environment. This is where Chiefs comes in! Because a balanced diet that provides the body with sufficient nutrients is crucial for the game.

Boost your game!

Chiefs products provide athletes with the necessary proteins in a delicious and fast way, completely avoiding added sugar and unnecessary carbohydrates. With a wide range of products from protein drinks, bars and puddings to protein ice cream and pizza, every athlete will find the right snack for the right moment.